HPI to launch Barbados INSIDER Magazine

Published February 16, 2012
Barbados Insider Magazine logo

Hoyos Publishing Inc., publishers of The Broad Street Journal, Who’s Who in Barbados Business and INBusiness Magazine will on June 1 launch the first quarterly edition of Barbados INSIDER Magazine, a new quarterly 'what's on' publication, catering to locals and visitors to the island. Thew magazine will provide up-to-date listings on restaurants, nightclubs, bars, pubs, lounges, coffee and ice cream shops and other places people go to socialize and relax, as well as listings on museums, galleries, monuments, places of historic interest, and upmarket shopping.

8,000 copies of each quarterly issue of Barbados INSIDER Magazine will be distributed free of charge at major distribution points around the island, including hotels, restaurants, conference centres, banks and stores. The magazine will also be available online in PDF as well as it own website.
The heart of the magazine will be its listings guide, and the company is offering free listings to all businesses in the tourism, entertainment and hospitality sectors. One of the hallmarks of the new publication, says Publisher Pat Hoyos, will be its focus on both a local and tourist readership. “Today, no restaurant, bar, deli or coffee shop can thrive without customers from both the local business community as well as longstay visitors. Most magazines place themselves mainly in the tourist category but The INSIDER will be useful to anyone, local or foreign, who is looking for up-to-date information on where to go and what to do, especially in terms of going out with friends for the evening and having a good time.”
He added: “By offering free editorial promotion to our national museums and historic houses and places of interest, we will also help drive corporate business to those places which are mainly set up for tourists but where you can have a memorable cocktail party or product launch, thus helping those businesses, many of which are supported by the taxpayer, to earn extra revenue.”
Asked why HPI was bringing out a guide at a difficult time for the economy, Mr. Hoyos said, “We are passionate about the need for accurate and timely information on the dining and entertainment sectors in Barbados, and believe that by helping people to make the best choices possible when they are going out on the town we can play our own small role in stimulating the economy.”


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